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It's been so many years! First Alvin Earthworm returned and now you guys! I can't wait!

Right on time for the 30th Anniversary! Good job guys!

Now that's how you do a revival of a great series! Alvin Earthworm, I've been a fan of yours since day one and the awesome references brought all the nostalgia back from 2006-2009 in one episode alone! I'm happy for you that you found some stability in your life after quitting that job with those horrible bosses. Keep up the good work, bro!

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The wait was well worth it! Good job, Mezzanine! I think it was great seeing more of the world of World's End and seeing new characters, new enemies & bosses, new abilities, and more of the plot as it continues to thicken! I wish there was more opportunities to obtain more Zloteks for the new weapons and armor, but I'm sure you have a plan for Chapter 4 and had a reason for doing so for replayability! Keep up the good work! I'll be right here to play the next one!

I've been waiting for this chapter since the first one. I like the fact that it was longer, you get addition skills and that the difficulty was still challenging. The only thing that I think it needs is a re-specs option like the guy below me suggested and a way to counter the Cloaked Woman's cheap Miasma attack. It creates too much of a disadvantage for me to advance being poisoned and surrounded. Still, love the game and I hope you continue to make more in the future.

Twas a fun game. I only took off half a star because it would've been good to have a defense upgrade for when the enemies gang up on me.

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One of the better remixes/covers that I've heard in while!

Tremulos responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate it!

Hell yeah! Nostalgia just kicked in!

I felt totally in the zone!

When I heard this combined with the fight scene, it made me feel as if i was there to witness greatness! I felt like wanting to assist SnowBall in avenging Ruby myself!

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Kinda reminds me of Raphtalia from The Rising of the Shield Hero.

Oslight responds:

Best waifu.

Oh look, if it isn't best HD DXD girl! Akeno is one of my various waifus!

This is how Fairy Tail's ending should've gone for these two lol

IlustretsSpoks responds:

Haha xD

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