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2011-01-01 02:39:11 by radosthedragon

2011 IS FINALLY HERE! I have major goals I wanna accomplish this year! I wanna finish my 2nd year off college, complete my Animalia story, and maybe make a flash cartoon...M-A-Y-B-E. Don't get your hopes up. I seriously do hope that I can make one sometiime in my life though. Anyways, I wish everyone a happy 2011 and I hope to see some new flash cartoons and flash RPG's on Newgrounds this year! Woot!

I would like to wish everyone a very merry X-MAS with love and joy! May the next year be a better one God willing.

Man, how time flies! It wasn't but barely a month ago that I graduated high school and now I'm 18! Before you know it I'll be a grown ass man with a wife and kids!

Woo-hoo! I'm gonna see the world for what it truly is by myself for the first time! I'm kinda sad that the friends I made on my 13-year journey of grade school (including kindergarden) are splitting up now, but if all goes well, hopefully I'll see 'em all again. Now, I've gotta tackle college!

False Alarm

2009-12-12 17:20:31 by radosthedragon

I am not making a flash cartoon.

it's time be famous


2008-10-12 19:53:01 by radosthedragon

I hate it when people make fun of me
I hate when people blame me for things
Ihate when people bug me about my videos